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Are you considering renovating the interior of your home? You will find that huge variety of interior paints is available, ranging from colors to different sheens and special, safe formulations for a kid’s room. Choose all the right options to get a look that will fit your home perfectly. But, if you want to achieve a unique look, you can also consider adding a texture.


Textured paint is an interesting project that can assist you set your room apart. It works wonderfully on ceilings and wall all throughout the home, depending on the look you want to achieve. Do it on your own as a DIY project or avoid the hassle and trouble and talk to the team of painters Gold Coast about how they can add a texture to your next professional painting project.


Many options in textured paints

One of the simplest ways to get a texture in your paint is to choose a pre-textured formula- so you get the right finish on your wall, just by painting it. It can be used on walls as well as ceilings, and ranges from very smooth to coarse. You can also add texture to the paint manually, but it is more complicated and time-demanding. There are various ways to achieve that, depending on the look you want to achieve.


Learn to DIY texture paint

If you decide to make a DIY project out of your faux finish, firstly you will have to apply a base coat or the color you want to underlie the faux finish. Use a ball of newspaper, rag, sponge or a comb to go over the base coat with the top accent layer. Below are some of the most popular techniques for faux finish:


Pressing: After applying the color of your choice on the wall, put a sheet of plastic on top and carefully remove to a pressed, flatter look.


Sponging: Use a sponge dipped in your accent color over the wall to get a different look.


Combing: Combs are available at local hardware store that you can use to create different patterns on your wall.


Rag rolling: Take a rag and cover it in your accent paint and run it over your base coat. For a different look, use a different type of rag like an old sock or burlap or lace.


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Repaint Pro is a leading and established painting company. If you have any questions or want to get include textured paint in your home for a unique look, feel free to contact us. We provide free estimates.


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