Choosing paint colors for any room in your home can take some research, thought process and time. But when you want to put a smile on your little one’s face, the task can seem challenging. Children can be very choosy, from what they want to eat to wear and even the color of their rooms.

Parents, here are a few tips from us at Repaint Pro to assist you and your kids decide on the best room colors.

  • Take opinion of your child: When your child starts expressing his opinions, it can be very exciting to include him or her in the choice of wall paint. Just don’t leave the complete project on him or her. Some kids will definitely have bold tastes that may be a little too much, but consider their likes and dislikes when painting their rooms. As kids age, they spend more time in their rooms. It is their personal space where they study, play, sleep and have fun. The room should be according to their taste.
  • Choose subtle paint colors and bold accents: Your kids won’t only have strong opinions, but their likes and dislikes can change really fast. If this sounds familiar, go for subtle wall colors and for accents choose bold colors. Accent walls can be changed very easily as they are usually only one wall per room. You can also consult home painters Gold Coast.
  • Think about the future: Keep in mind that your child will be living in the same room for many years. He or she will be in the room from toddler hood through teenage years. Choosing more neutral paint colors will assist them enjoy the space without feeling awkward. A themed mural or an accent wall with a bold paint will allow for simple paint jobs in the coming years.

When you are ready to discuss children’s room painting ideas, contact Repaint Pro and we can guide you through the process. From helping you choose the right paint colors to applying the fresh coat of paint to give room an ideal look, our team of interior and exterior painters Gold Coast can make your room or home painting experience smooth and hassle free. You can also request a free no-obligatory quote to find out how much painting your kid’s room will cost you.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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