Exterior house painting projects are not as easy as they seem. While the interior of your home is only accessible to people you know, the exterior of your home can be seen by everybody and anybody. You want it to have captivating curb appeal. Nobody wants to be “that dull, lifeless and falling house” on a street of well-maintained lawns and perfectly painted exteriors.

Home painting, both interior and exterior requires some preparation work. Once you are sure about the paint color, you will want to ensure your project is completed smoothly. A professional exterior house painting service like Repaint Pro will follow the below mentioned and other steps to ensure that your exterior painting job is completed in a professional and timely way with great results.

  • Clean: Even if the exterior of your home appears clean to you, a professional will pressure wash the surfaces that need to be painted. Painting on a dirty surface won’t just make the job complicated for the professionals but it will also leave the exterior of your home looking dirty and rough. After pressure wash the home is left to dry for a day or two before painting work is started.
  • Prepare other surfaces: If your team of painters is painting wood trim or an area that has been painted earlier, these surfaces will have to be prepared for the job. A reliable professional painting company Gold Coast will remove any flaky or loose paint from the surfaces and sand down these areas to ensure that your new paint color will be applied smoothly.
  • Watch the weather: Weather can be unpredictable in Gold Coast. If latex paint is used in your painting project, weather that too hot or too cold can keep the paint from adhering to wall surfaces or will have durability issues. Moisture due to rain or heavy dew can negatively affect your exterior painting project, so a few good days of weather is important before your exterior house painting company can start their work.
  • Use a primer: Using a primer may seem like a waste of money and time, but it will assist prepare the surface for the paint color. It will create an appealing paint finish and may allow your painters to apply no more than 2 coats of paint.
  • Choose the right color: Choosing the right exterior paint color is a complicated task. Like we said earlier, anybody can see the exterior of your home, so you want to ensure that it creates a right impression. Drive around your locality to get some ideas. You can also try samples.

When you are ready to start your exterior painting project, just give Repaint Pro a call and rest assured about satisfactory services.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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