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Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your Gold Coast home and possibly one of the most complicated to decorate. Choosing paint colors for your bathroom is not an easy task. You want something that will highlight the assets of your space while creating an environment that is in harmony with your interior design ideas.


Thankfully with little knowledge and these simple painting tips from our professional interior and exterior house painting experts, you can choose wall paint that will give you a home of your dreams.


  • Lighting is crucial


Nothing spoils the perfect paint color like a wrong lighting. Many bathrooms are small and have dim lighting, which makes color selection hard. The improper lighting can make a paint color you loved in the store look awful on your bathroom walls. To work with this problem, you can try out samples in your bathroom and then give some time to understand its look and feel before taking a final decision. The safest way is to choose light colored paints as they reflect the available light and create feeling of spaciousness.


  • Choose a paint color with proper finish


Usually bathrooms see a lot of moisture due to wet hands and steamy showers. So, you must try and choose a wall paint with a semi-gloss or satin finish. This will protect your walls and make sure that your newly done bathroom looks great for years to come.


  • What type of bathroom you want?


Do you want a spa bathroom where you can retreat to after a long tiring day? Or you are choosing paint colors for a trendy and fresh power room? Whatever you desire, the paint color you choose will do a lot of the work in achieving your goals. For a soothing feeling, consider neutral colors and for something more fun and fresher, go for brighter colors or trendy wallpapers.


  • Flow and harmony


You want a bathroom that is in harmony with the interior décor of the rest of your home. Like, if you are decorating your Gold Coast master bathroom, choose colors and décor that make your bathroom look like an extension of your bedroom. Create a uniform, free flowing look.


  • Take flooring and fixtures into consideration


Due to the lighting challenges in many bathrooms, you want to ensure that your chosen wall paint colors go well with the fixtures and flooring already present in your bathroom. You want the patterns and colors in your bathroom to create an overall impressive look. To achieve this, take all the things presents in your bathroom into consideration before choosing paint colors.


We not just have a team of professional painters, but we have been providing Interior and Exterior House Painting Services from past over 20 years, so we can give you best recommendations and painting services.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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