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Are you annoyed by having a room with huge potential, but that is very dark? May be it was not designed well and includes windows that don’t allow light to come in or may be it is a case of having a few windows according to the size of the room. Or it may be possible, that there is no source of natural light.


So, what you can do?


Don’t ignore that room. There are some interior painting ideas and designing techniques that you can try in order to optimize the light you have or to brighten things up without the assistance of a windows. Here we are sharing a few simple and effective tips.


Choose interior paint to brighten a space


Possibly the significant difference you can make is with the help of interior paint. You must avoid dark colors in order to make your room feel brighter, airier as well as bigger.


Usually, when people are told that they should avoid dark colors, they think that white is the only choice they have. But, that is not true. There are a number of great choices you can choose from, like natural, light colors that look pleasing and unique as well as reflect and amplify the light, rather than absorbing it.


Strategic design


By including some reflective decorations you can make your room feel bigger by creating the illusion of more space and light. There are a number of attractive design options too. You could even purchase a mirror and then put it around an artistic frame, it will also work as a great piece of decoration.


You can also fake a window. You can easily find a rustic, old window at pocket friendly rates, and by installing LED lights behind it you can easily create a very unique design piece and a source of warm, soft light.


Make the most of your lighting


Rather than going for an overhead that give light on a particular area and there still remains a number of dark corners, you must try including track lighting too. This will help you point the light where you need it as well as spread it properly around the room.


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Stephen Lockyer
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