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The weather is pleasing outside and you are spending more time in your lawn, and are looking at your home wondering if it is time to repaint but you are unsure? There are two key reasons to paint homes: aesthetics and protection. Here are a few things you must take into consideration when trying to decide if your home needs exterior house painting services.


Fading is generally an early warning sign that your home needs painting. It is not as complicated as the first three items as those can cause further damage. It is however the simplest to notice, and if you see this warning sign then repainting will cost less than if you avoid it for longer as extensive damage hasn’t happened.


The simplest sign to notice is peeling paint. This is the primary reason that you want to paint. If you avoid it too long with unprotected and exposed areas it will lead to serious issues. The rain and sun will surely damage unprotected surfaces and can cause dry rot.


Peeling or separated caulking is another thing that you should look closely at. Usually found at trim, windows and doors, cracking caulking is a sign that it is time for exterior house painting services. The purpose of caulking is to seal the house from bugs, moisture etc. When it is failing it need to be removed, recaulked and painted. This is important to protect your home from damage.


Stucco or damaged wood is not always clearly noticeable like peeling paint, but it is something to pay close attention to. Dry rot on wood can cause major expenses if avoided for too long. It can spread to every surface it touches. Look carefully for spores growing, indented surfaces as these are signs of rot. Chipped or cracked stucco is not only unsightly but through it moisture can get inside the paint, creating bubbles on paint. These areas must be sealed up quickly to avoid water intrusion.


Lastly, you just need a change. You are bored of colors, or maybe you purchased a new home with the current paint job and don’t like it. This is completely aesthetic and not because there is some problem with the paint job. You just want a new look with a fresh coat of paint.


For exterior house painting services in Gold Coast, feel free to contact Repaint Pro. We are just a phone call away and have over 20 years of residential and commercial painting experience.

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Stephen Lockyer
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