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One of the simplest and still most effective ways to decorate your home is with professional painting Gold Coast. Painting your walls with your favorite paint color can infuse new life into your home environment, but you want to do more than that. If you are looking for some home painting ideas, below are some of the most creative and interesting painting ideas for your home.


Color blocking


For adventurous homeowners, color blocking is a nice decorating idea. In this method you choose a particular area on a neutral wall and add a robust color to it. It is a technique of providing a little color without overwhelming the complete room and can give your home an artistic and modern feel.


Two-tone walls


Another simple and interesting option in home paint decorating ideas is creating a two-tone effect by painting the top half with a lighter hue of color and the bottom half with the darker tone of the same color. You could also leave the top half unpainted. This type of approach can improve the look of both parts of the wall and really catch attention.




Adding one or two stencil designs on a wall is another effective way to create a different look for your home. If you don’t like the final results, you always have an option of painting over it or you can try a different design. In addition, it is more reasonable than wallpaper.




Including stripes of color is one of the easiest wall painting ideas for your home that can add texture and sophistication to your walls without needing any major renovation. Choose a complementary color with the rest of the wall, so the stripes increase the natural color, instead of overshadowing it.


These are only a few paint decorating ideas for you to consider for your home. Painting is a versatile technique and there are endless decorating opportunities if you are ready to be little adventurous and creative. Remember, no paint job has to be permanent, so be experimental and paly with colors.


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