Let us say that you have just rented a new house or bought a new home, where you have full flexibility about interior painting. The house is yours and you can make changes, adjustments and renovations as required. May be you will swap that popular aqua-blue color of your bathroom with something trendier. One thing to be sure of before your start your interior painting project is that the paint you choose is the similar type of paint that you walls are already painted with, especially whether it is latex or oil based.


Why is it essential to not put oil-based paint on latex-based (or Vice Versa)?

In short we can say that opposites in this case don’t attract. Oil-based interior paint won’t adhere well to latex-based, causing issues that need a lot of hard work to fix. It is a lot easier to decide what type you have, then either change the other permanently and in a right way, or just continue using whichever is already present on your walls.


So, is it latex or oil?

Let’s assume that the previous owner is not available to assist you. So what you can do? Here are a few easy ideas to assist you get rolling so that you can go ahead with your home painting project.


Try finding old cans of paint. This may seem very simple, but it can actually help find out the base of your paint. If you purchased an older home, there is a probability that used paint cans were kept somewhere in the store, garage o basement. Look around to see if you can find the left overs.


Try the alcohol test. It is also an easier way to find if the paint is latex or oil-based. Firstly, gently clean a section of your wall with a light detergent mixed in warm water. Dry the area with a clean towel. Finally, rub a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol over the area. If the paint removes, you have latex-based paint, if it doesn’t it is oil-based paint.


You can also hire services of , not just to find out the base of the paint, but also to get your walls painted bright and captivating.

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Stephen Lockyer
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