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While sunshine is not generally something we have a shortage of here in Gold Coast that is not essentially a guarantee that you will get sunlight in every room of your home. You might have a room in the back side of your home, where you get very little natural light, or a finished basement that can be used as a family room, but it feels a little dark. So, what choices do you have?


How you can make a dark room bright?

The obvious answer is to add windows, but we know that the obvious answer is not always the correct answer. Your home might be a rented property and your landlord might not allow you to make any constructional changes. There is another possibility that the space that needs brightening is in a basement, so there may be limited or no choice.


With interior house painting Gold Coast and design techniques in mind, here are a few ideas you can consider.

    • Carefully choose lighting fixtures: Believe it or not, a single over-head is not always the best choice. They only create a pool of light in the center of the room and the other corners and edges are left in dark. Instead, use track lighting. The advantage is that you can aim them in various directions putting the light at the just right place.


    • Use light colors: Avoid using dark paint colors that absorb the light. And always remember that even if a particular color doesn’t look too dark in the paint store, it will look considerably darken when applied in a room with no natural light. Simultaneously, white is not a great choice either as it can quickly feel dark. Try natural, lighter colors for a warm but bright effect.
    • Plan decorations carefully: Depending on your style of decoration, see if you can work in decorations that are reflective. Bouncing the light that you have in your room can help you create an illusion of it being larger and brighter space.


    • Create a fake window: You can create an interesting design piece by using an old window that is either frosted or stained glass. Fix LED lights behind it, then mount it on the wall. It will create an illusion of a bright window as well as will work as a great decorative piece.


  • Bring nature inside: Believe it or not, just including a real plant in your decoration will make your room feel brighter.

Do you need professional painters Gold Coast?


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Stephen Lockyer
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