One of the most old-fashioned ways to make your house come alive is to paint it with the right colors and design. While painting your house could enhance its beauty, the pungent odors of paints after you are done with the exercise is one thing you will have to deal with. This article will be teaching you various ways you can get rid of paint smells without the help of any professional. Read through the post carefully and acquaint yourselves with these tips.


Using Charcoal

Basic chemistry explains that charcoal has a tremendous absorbent power. It can absorb liquids and odors. After painting a particular area, you can get rid of that pungent odor quickly by bringing granulated charcoal to the place. Spread the charcoal on the ground and leave it for up to 2 hours and the diffusion of the lousy odor must have stopped due to complete absorption by the charcoal particles. Painter Gold Coast do enjoy using charcoal to get rid of paint smells since it is regarded as an effective method.


Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is another superb choice for getting rid of paint smells. Baking soda like charcoal is an excellent absorbent. Deposit several boxes that contain baking soda in the room where you have just finished painting. Experienced painters like Painters Gold Coast love to employ the use of baking soda and charcoal, but baking soda is assumed less expensive than charcoal. Another thing is that you can find it in most stores.


Using Vinegar

Absorption is not the only method one can use to get rid of paint smell. You can also neutralize the odor with the aroma produced by specific liquid. An excellent example of such fluid is Vinegar. Just put vinegar inside a room after painting, and it will dilute the pungent nature of the paint odor. Commercial Painters Gold Coast are also fond of neutralizing paint smells with vinegar. But if you aren’t comfortable with this measure, you can always stick with the absorption technique.

Using Candle

There is another unique way of treating this challenge. Apart from absorption and neutralization techniques, there is also another technique that will keep your eyebrows up. And that is the use of a candle to burn away the odor. The paint releases solvents into the air, and as you burn the candle, those solvents are removed from the atmosphere within. You, however, need to do one thing to avert possible mayhem – put the candle inside a bowl of water while it is burning. Checking the candle from time to time will also be useful to your course.


Explained above are various ways through which one can get rid of the pungent smells produced by paints after painting a space. Employing any of the means mentioned above to get rid of the paint smells is essential to enable you to enjoy the place you had painted as soon as possible. For professional painting tasks, you can always beckon on House Painters Gold Coast.


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