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What could possibly the best idea to paint the home with a method that not only makes the paint last really long, but also makes it maintain its sheen and lustre for a longer period of time? Well, in this article, we are going to give you some of the best tips that will help you to hire the right Commercial Painter Gold Coast for the painting job.


  • The first and the most basic thing that you need to take care of is the surface preparation for the painting job. If the surface is not prepped in a right way, then the coats will not have the perfect finish and the paint job will look quite dull and boring. The surface needs to be cleared off any dirt and debris so that the paint remains free from peeling off, flakes and getting chipped. Use a scraper or wire brush to get rid of the old coat of paint on the wall. If mildew is present, remove it by applying a solution on one part bleach to three parts water.
  • After preparing the wall for the painting, you need to make sure that you have all the right equipments for the job. The best way to get the walls painted is by taking the help of professional painter Gold Coast, as they have all the right experience and equipments. They also guide you to select a more uniform coat of paint, which enhances durability. Choosing the right paint brush for the job also plays a vital role in the finish of the paint and high quality roller covers gives you the perfect finish on the walls.
  • Wait for the right weather conditions before you start the painting job. Getting the house painted in rainy season might not be a good idea, as the paint will take a lot more time to get dried and there are chances of bubbles on the surface between the coats. The temperature between 60 and 85 degrees F is the best for the painting job and you also need to avoid the painting in direct sun, since the exterior surface can be 10 or even 20 degrees hotter than the air temperature.
  • Last but not the least. Always use a high quality paint that has manufacturer’s warranty to it. This will ensure that you get the perfect coats and finish on the walls. They are flexible enough to withstand expansion, contraction, or other movement in the exterior; and contain special additives to resist mold and mildew. Contact one of the best painters Gold Coast for the right painting job in the house.


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Stephen Lockyer
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