Interior Walls before Painting

Before you start to paint the wall, you need to take care of a few pointers. Painting a wall that has just been constructed can be a lot easier than painting a wall that already has a coat of paint on the surface because a new wall just needs to be painted with the base coat and then the paint; whereas an old wall might require you to clean it up in a proper manner before you apply a new coat of paint on the surface. So what are areas that you need to keep in mind before you start to paint the interior walls of the house? Is it a good idea to get the job done as a DIY or is it better to call a professional and get the work done for you? Which is better? Well, take a look.


The first thing that you need to take care of is to get rid of all the dirt and debris that might have accumulated over the period of time. Calling an experienced painter on the Gold Coast for the job is always best, as they know the process fully and they guide you in the right way. Cleaning the wall should be done with a dry cloth first and then you could sand away the old paint completely. However, you have to ensure that after scrapping the old paint off the wall, you need to check the surface for any imperfection. If there are any holes and pores at the surface, then you need to get them filled up using high-grade filler. After finishing the wall, apply at least two coats of primer to prepare the right base for the paint. Many of the Experienced Painter Gold Coast suggests this method so that the wall doesn’t soak up the coat of paint.


Another method to restore the paint of the wall is to clean them on regular basis. This not only improves the life of the paint, but it also keeps the shine and the texture of the paint intact for a longer duration of time. If you have decided to paint the wall with a lighter shade of paint than the one that the wall has already, then you need to be extra careful while stripping off the paint or it will result in ugly looking patches from the old paint. Many people end up rubbing the old coat of paint with the wrong grade of sandpaper and often end up ruining the surface of the wall. A good painter Gold Coast is the right choice for the job as they know their job fully and they guide you in the right way. They do their job perfectly and also give you a warranty on their work. Make sure that you have taken estimates from more than two or three professionals to give yourself the right deal.

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Stephen Lockyer
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