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You must be aware of importance of hiring a good house painter in Gold Coast, but finding the right painter can be challenging. It is imperative to hire painters with experience and recommendations, but sometimes even that is not enough. Below are a few things that you should avoid when hiring a painter in Gold Coast to paint your home or commercial facility.


  • The Initial Meeting is With a Sales Person

Established companies have experts who meet with potential clients to provide a quote. While it okay to initially meet with a sales executive, it is also important to meet the team expert who will actually paint the walls and ceiling of your home. Sales people often commit things that are impractical, and meeting with the team leader will assist ensure that you are hiring the right painter Gold Coast.


  • Consider The Deposit Amount

Many painters ask for a deposit before starting the work. However, there are professional and reputed painters that take no upfront cost. But, even if they do, it should not be more than 25% of the total cost of the project. If the painting project will cost you less than a thousand dollars, then the painter may not even ask for a deposit.


  • Hiring an Uninsured, Unlicensed Commercial Painter

Painting companies that are insured and licensed always advertise that information for a good purpose. Licensed painters are registered with local government agencies, and the insurance ensure that you and your home will be protected in the case of an accident. Additionally, stating that the company is insured and licensed is not enough, the company should be able to show their license and proof of insurance to you.


  • Referrals of The Wrong Type of Work

There are numerous types of painting to have done around the office or home. If you are considering getting your living room faux painted, then relevant and positive referrals for a home painter are essential. You don’t want to see referrals for commercial painter. You may want to know about the experience the painter has on faux suede painting and number of projects he has completed. When asking for referrals, ensure the type of work matches the work you want to get done.


When hiring a painter in Gold Coast, it is important to do your homework. Additionally, looking for an experienced painter with solid referrals, watch for these warning signs and avoid hiring them.


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