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In Home Renovation, Where Does Painting Come?

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In Home Renovation, Where Does Painting Come?

So, you are planning a new painting project, well, that’s really nice. The right paint job can renew, refresh and revitalize any room in your home or complete home. If you are doing a home improvement or a makeover that involves more than just painting, however, you might be having some questions about when paint should be applied during your home renovation project.

Many people feel a painting project should always come first, before other home improvement practices. And usually people want to apply the paint before they get into other projects, especially if they are going for new carpet. Professional painting Gold Coast companies take measures to protect your carpet, but if you will be replacing carpet anyway, you might go for painting without any drop sheets, as you will be getting rid of the old carpet.

However, the “paint-first” rule doesn’t always apply. Professional painters know techniques to keep your household items protected when painting, so you are not forced to do the painting before making any other big renovations. In fact, there are some projects in which paint is applied after other home renovations.

If you are still wondering when should paint be applied during your home improvement process, below are some tips on applying paint from Repaint Pro, the professional painting Gold Coast company. There are cases when you will probably want to paint after doing your project.

First redecorate a room

You don’t want to go through a complete paint job and then find your plans for the room don’t sync with the new color. First decide, how you want your room to look like, then compare shades to find just the perfect color match. Again, the painters won’t have any issue covering or moving new furnishings to protect them at the time of painting process.

First remodel

A bathroom or kitchen remodel can include removing out or installing new furnishings or appliances, a process that can easily damage your paint work. Complete the other work first, so any paint damage or chipping can be painted again with the new paint work.

First install or refinish new floors

Refinishing floors is a complicated project and can cause dust, which may stick to new paint. Additionally, baseboards and wall paint can get damaged during the refinishing process. So, it is advised to paint after installing a new tile floor.

Want more tips to apply new paint to your home or office?

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