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Almost every family spends a lot of time in their kitchen, from starting the day with a hot coffee to sneaking in for midnight snacks. It actually is the heart of a home, and ideally every time you turn-on the light you should feel the love, except when you don’t anymore. From overall kitchen remodeling to painting kitchen cabinets, usually you and your kitchen needs to get back to the basics and find out what is working and what is not.


Our painters Gold Coast are experts and have prepared this list of painting ideas from quick fixes to big overhauls, all of which will assist you fall back in love with your kitchen.

Begin with a blank canvas


Before you even think about doing anything extreme, you must first clear your kitchen of all the items that you have accumulated over the years. Get rid of any unnecessary small appliances and décor and determine how your kitchen functions the best. What do you love? What should be changed? Starting from the root level is often the best way to find out what you must do to move forward.


Textile inspiration


What fabrics and colors attract you in home décor boutiques or magazines? Use these as a way toward new painting ideas for your kitchen. Say, if pastels always brighten your mood, use it as an interior paint accent wall.


Go for new paint colors

Often the best place to start is by repainting your walls with a new paint color complimenting your existing cabinets, tiles and woodwork. If you are finding it hard to choose a color, contact residential painting Gold Coast experts who can assist you join it all together.


Wallpaper accent wall

Many kitchens have dated, floral wallpaper that can be bit boring, but today’s modern wallpaper can add required brightness and new lift to your Gold Coast kitchen. From bold graphic prints to contemporary florals, the texture of wallpaper can bring the tile, paint color and the woodwork together.

Paint kitchen cabinets


It may be time to go for an overall kitchen overhaul by painting or replacing your existing cabinetry, especially if your older cabinets show damage or are saggy. Investing in your kitchen is one of the best ways to improve the resale value of your Gold Coast home.


Give us a call and find out how Repaint Pro can help you give your kitchen or complete home a new look.


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