Studies suggest that mood of your employees is affected by the colors of the walls by which they are surrounded. We now know that some colors have positive impact on our energy levels. And when a person is exposed a color for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, it is important that the color is chosen wisely and carefully.

Do your employees work in beige or gray cubicles? These colors are actually depressing. But worry not, now by simply painting the office wall with interesting colors, you can increase the productivity of employees by 15%. So, here are some of the affects colors have on you.

Warm colors

Warm colors like shades of pink, orange, red and yellow improve your energy level. They encourage us; they assist us being more organized, alert and feel less tired. Therefore, they assist us work more efficiently and for longer.

Cold colors

Cold colors like indigo, violet, purple, green and blue have calming effect. These colors help you concentrate better take good decisions and feel less stressed. So, if at all the job of your employees is really stressful and they find it hard to concentrate then it may be a good idea to paint the walls in purple or blue. This was your employees will feel less stressed; they will be able to concentrate better and will enjoy their work.

Combination of cold and warm colors

It is usually a nice approach to paint the walls of your facility with both warm and cold colors to create a balance. Therefore, you could choose to paint an area with 2 different paint colors. You can paint 2 walls with cold color and the other 2 walls with a warm color. You can also go for focal wall. In this approach one wall is painted with warm color and the other 3 walls are painted with cold colors.

Another option is that you can give your staff members the flexibility to personalize their cubicles. So, one can easily decorate his or her cubicle according to his interests so he can work better and more productively.

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Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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