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Your home is your most important investment, and making important changes to it can be really challenging, important changes like choosing the exterior paint color. You want your home to look and feel pleasing and welcoming. But, with never ending choices of paint colors, it can be hard to know where to start. To assist you get started, here is a simple guide to exterior paint colors and how to choose the best ones for your home.

Type of the paint you want

It is important to first decide the type of paint you want, then to think about the color choices. When choosing paint, you want to take into account your budget, the type of performance and durability you want and then how to get the highest value for your money. You also want to take factors like resistance to mold, mildew, sunlight and fading into consideration. Also decide if you want environment friendly, safe paint.

At Repaint Pro we use premium lines of Resene/Dulux or Taubmans paints. The range of paints we use are extremely durable and made to last.

How does your home’s design, region and neighborhood decide your choice?

Sadly, you can’t always choose a paint color only because you like it. Let your home’s present architecture assist inform your choice. For a mid-styled or colonial type of house, you must use a more classic color instead of modern color. And the same applies to contemporary homes, you want a contemporary color. Also, you must consider your neighborhood and the area you live in, as these environmental factors play a vital role in deciding the exterior color of your home.

How many colors do you need?

When it comes to painting exterior of your home, usually three paint colors are enough. One would be main or field color, a trim color for awnings, doors and window frames and an accent color for shutters and doors.

Try to keep the trim and field colors in tandem but in contrast. It is recommended to choose a light shade for field color and a darker color for trim or vice versa. You can be adventurous and creative with your accent color, but don’t take a bright color too far.

How does the paint look on your home?

You can’t make a decision only depending on a sample card. You must try paint of your choices on a part of your home with the help of quart of paint. Ensure to look at it during different times of the day to see how it looks in different hours of the day. Once you are sure about the look and feel of the paint and way it enhances the look of your home and neighborhood, you can go ahead with painting whole house.

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Stephen Lockyer
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