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Inspecting your home’s exterior: Home Maintenance Tips for Gold Coast Homeowners

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Inspecting your home’s exterior: Home Maintenance Tips for Gold Coast Homeowners

If you want to keep your home looking perfect and beautiful, then it is important that you give proper time to home maintenance and updates. Home maintenance and updates should be taken very seriously as they not only allow you to keep your home looking amazing, but also help you ensure that faults and issues are fixed before they become too serious and require expensive fixes.

The question here is, from where to start?

  • Check the exterior of your homeBegin by taking a walk around your home, doing a basic inspection. This will assist you to find out what all areas or sections have been damaged, which in turn will help you prepare a list of repairs and updates. Here are top areas to check:
  • Weather stripping and caulking: Ensuring that caulking and weather stripping are intact will keep your home efficient and safe.
  • Gutters: Winter is very harsh on gutters, especially when outside temperature creates excessive strain and weight on the drainage system. Check for debris that might be stuck, creating the risk for dangerous blocks. Make sure there is no obstruction that can impede the run-off of water.
  • Roofing: Missing shingles are a clear sign of problem, but also look for budding weak areas on your roof itself. Torn or peeling shingles will need attention. Identify these deteriorating portions early on in order to avoid a serious trouble going forward.
  • Decks and siding: Check the wood around the exterior of your home very closely. Check for signs of wood damage like mold and rot. Damaged sections will have to be repaired in order to fix the problem before it gets worst.

Power washing or high pressure cleaning

Taking a refreshing shower after a long day at work, after exercising, working in kitchen feels good, doesn’t it? All the sweat and dust are washed away, leaving you feeling refreshed. Pressure cleaning your home has a very similar effect as it removes all the mold, mildew that gets overcollected  time.It is also a very great service offered by exterior painters Gold Coast because as you systematically wash areas like your walkway, driveway, deck and siding, you can better check for signs of damage that might need repair.

Exterior painting

Hiring Gold Coast Exterior Painters is also a great way to give your home a maintenance check-up and a brand new look. If you live in Gold Coast, feel free to contact us at Repaint Pro. We would be happy to assist.


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