At Repaint Pro we provide a lot of quotes for paint jobs in a year. This means, we look at a number of residential and commercial properties each day. We do see a number of the same things, but each property is unique in its own way. They have different scopes, preparation work, colors and schedules. Price is something that unavoidably comes into the discussions we have with property owners.


It is generally difficult for home owners to understand the differences between the various quotes they get. What makes this even more complicated is that there can be a significant difference between the quotations they get from various home painters Gold Coast. Hopefully we can help you understand the reason behind the different prices.


The primary reason we see huge differences in costing is what is included in the bid. One painter Gold Coast includes 1 coat of paint, another includes 2 coats. A number of times you need 2 coats due to color changes, or because the surface is too dry. If they don’t specify how many coats make sure to ask them and take it in written. Next is the level of preparation work. Preparation work is the key step in all painting jobs and differs significantly. Ensure all the preparation work is given to you in writing. Next is the quality of paint. Paint prices can range from $15-$50 per gallon.


There are a number of things that decide the price of paint. The important thing is ensuring that you are comparing apple to apple on paints; it can seriously create a price difference of hundreds of dollars. When you are comparing the bids to make a decision, it is important to compare various areas and ensure everything you discussed is in writing. Another reason for price differences is the experience and knowledge of the contractor. They may be a new company looking for projects to build their reputation. They may have huge experience as a painter and know how long it will take to paint the house or the amount of work that will be required to complete the job. Prices in case of former are very cheap and reasonable.


A really nice way for a customer to know if they are getting a correct quotation is to understand the approach of company during the estimate. Do they ask a number of questions? How much time they spend with you? The more questions, means better understanding of the project and the amount of work which is directly related to the accuracy of the quotation. When it comes to choosing your home painters Gold Coast, take the time and compare the quotes. Above all ensure they are experienced and knowledgeable.


With over 20 years of experience, Repaint Pro is a trusted name in Gold Coast. Request a free no-obligatory quote now.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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