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Homes are graceful and keeping them that way not only brings more positivity to it, but it also makes it look elegant and attractive all the time. But with time comes wear and tear and that is something you cannot avoid. The best way to keep a check on the condition and the home decor of the house is to maintain it on regular basis. This doesn’t mean that you have to go for a completely new paint job for the house, but you can make sure that the walls are looking new by cleaning them in the right way.

  • Keeping the Situation Under Control

If you got your walls painted a year or so before, then you might not need to get them cleaned. In the first year of getting your house painted, the walls only catch a bit of dust here and there that can be dusted off using a soft cloth. However, you need to ensure that you are doing it because if you are going to let the dirt stay, it might result in patches or smudging. If you are going to follow the simple cleaning and maintenance procedures then it will keep your home decor shining like new and will save you from most of the hassles in the longer run. You also have an option to vacuum the walls and then you can wipe them down softly with a dusting rag.

  • Washing Painted Walls

New paints are washable and they can be washed using a mild detergent without worrying about them losing their sheen. However, you need to ensure that you are reading the manufacturer’s recommendation on cleaning and you must follow the procedure before moving ahead. It is always a good idea to call up professional painters to do the job for you as they have mild detergents that are suitable for washing paints. It is not necessary that you have to clean the walls using a mild cleaning agent and you could also clean them up using just the water and a non-abrasive pad such as a microfiber rag or a gentle sponge.

  • When Your Walls are Beyond Cleaning

When your walls are beyond cleaning, then you need to call a professional painter and get them painted in a shade of your choice. If your walls haven’t been painted for 5-6 years, then it would be a nice idea to coat them with a new layer of paint. Look for the signs as excessive discoloration or chipping and yellowing or discoloration and call a Professional Painter Gold Coast to take care of the same.

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Stephen Lockyer
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