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Just as you keep mood in mind when selecting paint colors for your home-a soft pink for the bedroom, bold orange for the dining room-so should you when selecting a color scheme for your office. Use the following tips to do just that.


Consider your business type

What do you use your office space for? Your profession plays a crucial role in choosing the paint colors, whether for a commercial facility or a home office.


Red: If your business type wants you to be productive physically, choose this wow color. Gyms who paint their facilities with red color keep customers motivated and working towards their fitness.


Green: This hue also works effectively for healthcare settings especially that of mental health, due to strong sense of balance and calm it induces. Financial institutions also use this color in darker shades due to same reason as well as for the suggestion of wealth and growth.


Blue: This color works for a number of professions, as it assists in concentration. It also induces a sense of security and trust in employees as well as visitors. With that in mind, financial or healthcare businesses usually use this paint color in their offices as they want customers and patients to feel they are at safe place.


More tips for choosing paint colors for office

Keep it simple: Too many colors can create a hectic and confusing mood that disturbs both employees and visitors. Choose one primary color and complementary hues for trims and accents. If you plan to go for multiple groupings then make sure that the color schemes in each room flow from one to the other.


Brighten things up: For areas like conference rooms and pantry, keep the color scheme bright to evoke creativity and appetite. Your team members won’t find an office with dull white walls conductive to come up with great ideas that will enhance your business.


Ask for ideas: If you have many employees working in your office, involve them in the creative process. Of course, the final call will be yours, but getting the ideas of people who will share the office with you 9 hours a day will make it a collaborative effort. For painting work hire reputed painters Gold Coast.


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