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Preparation is the primary step for all exterior painting projects. In very rare cases it is the paint film that fails, but the poor adhesion between the paint and the exterior surface is what creates problems. The most crucial part of exterior painting preparation work is cleaning the surface from any dirt, grease, loose paint or flaking. Here are a few tips to assist create the best and cleanest surface for the highest-quality and longest-lasting exterior painting projects.


Before you even think about taking a paint brush in your hands, you must first familiarize yourself with one of many sanding and scraping tools. You will have to sand or scape away any flaking, loose or excess paint from the surface to allow the fresh coat of paint to stick firmly on the surface.


Power washing your home is an effective way to remove and clean any dirt or grease from the surface. A power washer uses a high-powered stream of water to remove any dirt residue. Painting over grime and dirt will result in a poor bond between the paint and surface, and result in a poor-quality finish.


It is essential to check the exterior of your home for any rotted wood, mold and mildew as you will have to remove and replace it with a fresh piece of undamaged and clean wood for the strongest union of paint and surface. Usually, this is the most complicated part of the preparation work, thus homeowners avoid it. By not replacing the damaged wood in your home you are not just accepting a poor paint job, but are also making the siding more susceptible to pests.


Even when hiring the services of home or commercial painters Gold Coast, make sure that surface preparation is part of their painting schedule and they follow proper process and give proper time to prepare your wall surface before applying paint. There are many Gold Coast painters who claim to complete your painting project really fast and before any other painter, but it is not because of their capability or huge team but lack of preparation. So, when hiring someone for their speed of work, make sure that they are able to complete the job because they are skilled and not because they jump the surface preparation.


The professional painters at Repaint Pro are expertly trained and have many years of experience in completing high-quality and long-lasting painting projects. For more details, feel free to contact Steve.

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