Choosing exterior paint colors for a commercial building is different than picking colors for your home. While a bold may be a great choice for your home, it may not work on a bigger structure in a commercial area. Keep the following points in mind when picking the color scheme for your office.


Commercial facilities are usually bigger

For a large building a neutral color may be a great choice. Neutral colors not just blend perfectly with the surroundings of the building; they will also easily complement your business logo. For accents like doors and trims you can choose bold colors and create an appealing look.


Consider the exterior material and architecture

When choosing colors for your commercial building don’t forget to take the exterior material and the architecture of the building into consideration. Like, you should avoid painting a Victorian in sedate hues.


The material itself not just affects the look and feel of the paint color, it may also emphasize on using a particular product. Like wood needs different paint than stucco and concrete to get full coverage. Your commercial painters Gold Coast can give you best advice.


Consider the surroundings of the building

When choosing paint colors just have a look at the surroundings of your commercial building. Is it located on a small lot? A darker shade will be a nice option to ensure that building doesn’t look oversized. Also consider the landscaping and the colors of walkways and driveways. Don’t forget to consider the services your company offers. Like a software company would require a more calm tone as compared to an ice cream store.


Ask these questions to your commercial painters Gold Coast

When getting quotes for your commercial painting project, ask the painters if they are licensed and insured to protect your company and its staff members during the project. Also ask for examples and references, calling previous customers to inquire about the professionalism of the painters and also visit the project site to see the quality of the work. You will be investing money as well as time, so ensure that work will be done according to your expectations in the desired timeframe.


Specializing in exterior and interior painting, on home and commercial projects, Repaint Pro painters give local homeowners and businesses across the Gold Coast with fully licensed, insured, trustworthy and skilled painting professionals who give superior craftsmanship.


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