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Roller lines, drips and streaks- nothing is more annoying than seeing them clearly on your freshly painted walls. They are the obvious signs of a paint roller used poorly. Have you ever wondered how interior house painters achieve that smooth and beautiful finish?


Follow below given tips to learn to use roller like a pro.


Required tools for the job:

Importance of good-quality tools can’t be stressed enough. For rolling on paint you will need the following:

  • Paint
  • Paint roller frame
  • Extender handle
  • Roller cover

Don’t get excited to buy the bargain paint roller kit from your local hardware store. This may look like a smart deal, but you must spend a little more on a higher quality roller frame and cover. You must use a roller with a shorter nap for a smooth finish on drywall. Buy a shed-resistant roller cover with a plastic core, not a cardboard that will absorb paint and damage soon.


Applying paint onto your walls with a roller:

Even if you have a shed-resistant roller cover, it is still advised that you remove any loose fibers from your roller before using them. Once the cover is lint free you are ready to start painting.


Move your cover into the paint in your bucket many times until the roller gets completely covered in paint. A nicely loaded paint roller should have a proper coverage of paint. It should not drip when moved or need a lot of pressure to transfer paint onto the wall. Work in a “W” pattern and roll your roller on the wall in 2-3 foot length sections. Do the same for the unpainted areas until the wall is completely covered.


Some more tips:

Begin form the top of your wall and work down.


Always keep a damp cloth near you while painting so you can remove any splatters or spills immediately.


If you think you will be needing more than one bucket of paint to finish your painting project, then make sure you mix both the buckets to keep the color same.


Don’t apply too much pressure on the roller. If you feel you have to apply too much pressure then reload the roller and start painting.


We hope that you will find above mentioned tips helpful and will be able to paint your room or home easily. But, if you feel you need help then contact Repaint Pro.


We are a reputed and trusted name when it comes to interior and exterior house painting services in Gold Coast.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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