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Are you considering painting the interior of your home? If yes, then meet your new helper: the paint swatch. These colorful cards assist you narrow a number of color choices to only a few shades for actual sampling on walls. Swatches also work as a handy representation of your final choices that you can use as a reference when shopping for home décor and furniture.


Pick up paint swatches

While you can print colors from the websites of paint companies for example, but doing so usually leads to dissatisfaction. Your home equipment might not be able to print the color exactly as the manufacturer makes it, so you will have a different hue of the actual shade.


Visit your local home improvement or paint store and go through the swatches. Choose those that your attention and look appealing, and don’t worry about picking too many. The paint company provides them free of cost; in addition you can reuse the rejected swatches in your art projects.


Imagine color cards in the back of your furniture and décor

Paint color, décor and furniture together make the color palette of a room. If you don’t have any plans of changing your furniture and décor, then look at your swatches next to them to understand which one will work best with the present hues.


If you are planning complete redecoration then choose paint colors you can work with, whether they be neutrals that you can use as a base or accent colors you can use in new pieces.


Hang paint swatches

Once you have removed colors that won’t work with new or existing décor, hand the remaining swatches on the walls you are considering painting, in areas where you get all of the different artificial and natural lights of the day and night. Light can noticeably change how the color appears. Also leave enough distance between color cards, in order to ensure that one doesn’t influence how you perceive another.


Paint sample colors

Once you have shortlisted the options to a final 2 or 3, visit the store to get samples of the color combinations to actually apply to the walls. The paint version may be slightly different than the card and with this extra step you can be completely sure of your final options. Again, don’t forget to check how the colors appear in different hours of the time and next to any décor or furniture.


Your professional painter Gold Coast can also assist you in matter, or even in choosing the right paint colors, so if you wish to keep your painting experience trouble free, hassle free and straightforward then contact Repaint Pro Today.

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