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Do you feel your deck needs a new finish? If yes, then you probably are trying to decide between coating, stain and paint. For choosing between these options, you must first understand each type of product.


  • Paint can revive a deck

A coat of paint can change the look of a deck. Paint covers your deck completely, hiding the look of the wood itself to reveal. Do you like the grain and color? Remember that paint will cover it completely.


This type of finish does provide great UV protection, but paints have tendency of peeling and cracking, as a result that effective feature will soon fade away. Repainting will be required every few years, depending on your usage of deck.


Many homeowners use paint for railings, as there is no foot traffic that can wear down the paint, and use stain for the decks. There is a huge range of stains available in various opacities from solid color to clear. Solid stains also cover color and grain, but they penetrate the wood, resulting in longer-lasting finish.


  • What is the difference between coating and paint?

Deck coating is a comparatively new product that looks similar to thick paint. It covers splinters and seals cracks to create a smooth deck. Also, it creates a slip-resistant coat. This type of finish gives twice the services as compared to paint.


These products are costlier than stain and paint, with additional preparation required to make sure you get the full value they provide. Preparation for a deck coating involves a detailed inspection of the wood to recognize raised nails, damaged or rotting wood, screws or boards and loose splinters. Such issues must be fixed.


You must also remove cracked and peeling paint, and apply deck cleaners. Depending on the condition of your deck you can also try pressure washing.


  • Rescue products and coatings can increase the life of a deck

By doing the above mentioned preparation work you can ensure that the wood remains in nice shape to bear the weight it must. Application of rescue products is simple. The product is first applied between decking boards on edges and into all holes, cracks and knots with the help of a brush. You can use roller to apply the coating on the remaining surfaces of the deck. Leave coats to dry, as this may take many hours.


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