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When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, usually people focus on painting the exterior walls, windows and doors, but they forget one important element of their exteriors, and that is fence. It is not uncommon to see damaged, spoiled and rotten fences. This type of fences not just deteriorates the look and appeal of your home but also degrade its value. As a result, applying a fresh coat of paint every few years is essential.


When it comes to painting fence, it is not essential to stick to classic white or even the same hue. Like, some homeowners use their fence as a canvas and decorate it very creatively. Whatever your style, ensure to follow the steps below to make sure your fence painting project is a success.


Scrape off old paint

No matter what color scheme you choose, certainly start your project with cleaning. First, remove any old paint form your fence. Then, pressure wash the fence to clean the panels. Make sure you don’t harm any nearby vegetation, grass or other bushes. For that try covering the bushes with plastic coverings or paint cloth.


Apply preservative as protective coating

To assist protect the wood from the sun, rain and other atmospheric elements you should apply a coat of preservative. This will assist your fence repel water and protect from damage. Ensure to cover all the sides, corners and cracks and then leave it to dry for a few days.


Primer is essential

By investing in a nice primer, you will increase the life of your fence’s paint. You can easily find huge options in a variety of budgetary levels. This will make the process little lengthy but it is all the efforts, time and money. Let primer rest for at least 12 hours before you apply the fresh coat of paint.


Final step of painting

Finally, you are ready to apply the paint of your choice. Choose paint color or colors or style and enjoy your fence painting project. The best way to handle the paint job is to apply two thin layer of paint. Instead of trying to ensure every inch is painted in the first coat, let the first coat dry and then apply the second coat of paint.


Need exterior house painting services?

If you feel like there is too much of work and you are not able to finish what you started, then you can always call in the professional painters. A Repaint Pro painters team can assist you create a great fence at a pocket-friendly price. So, look no further and give us a call now.

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Stephen Lockyer
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