With constant increase in real estate sales across the Gold Coast, many residential property owners are putting their houses on the market. For many people, the process of selling their houses means that they will have to get some minor repairs and renovations to make it more appealing and enhance salability. If you are also considering selling your residential property and want to get an edge over similar properties on the market and receive the highest sales price possible- an exterior paint job can assist you achieve your goals. Outdated, peeling or fading paint may deter prospective buyers.


A fresh coat of paint enhances the curb appeal of your property and increases the potential value of what may be your biggest investment.


The advantages of an exterior paint job

While an interior paint job might be equally important, most real estate professionals and designers would agree that hiring exterior house painting services is a comparatively pocket friendly way to enhance the value of your home, significantly.


Besides, helping you get a higher sales price, painting the exterior of your home gives the following benefits:

  • It is more reasonable to paint as compared to installing a new vinyl siding.
  • Buyers don’t want to worry about costly repairs- a home painted many years back indicates lack of maintenance and the required to paint the home soon.
  • Use lighter shades to make home look bigger


As most homebuyers put a huge importance on the exterior paint appearance, you can expect to get inquiries about the time when was your home last painted as well as the type of paint used to paint the home.


Tips for painting the exterior

Choosing the right exterior paint services will give your home a clean look, the hugest range of buyers and assist enhance its value. However, painting the exterior of the house has a few challenges.


Here are a few tips to ensure a great painting project.

  • Enhance the exterior by using bold colors for the trim, window frames, railings and other accessories.
  • Choose creams, whites or neutrals to attract huge number of people.
  • Choose same or lighter color for the vinyl siding to avoid warping of material due to heat.
  • Don’t forget to paint the front door with an attractive color to create a great first impression.

For more details about exterior and, Interior House Painters Gold Coast, feel free to contact Repaint Pro. We have over 20 years of experience and can paint houses as well as offices.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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