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Once you have got the walls painted then you need to make sure that you are maintaining them in right manner to increase their life and to make them look like new all the time. The best way to do the same is by taking the tips by house painters Gold. Most of the experts also guide you in the right manner where they suggest you tips that will help you to make them look like new all the time.


  • Keep Them Maintained

After you got the painting job done, you must take care of the walls from the initial days itself. Most of the home owners don’t take the right care of the walls and it is when they start to fade or develop patches of dust and grimes they realise that they must have taken care of them. The first thing that you need to make sure of is the time that takes the paint to fully set n the walls. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the paint to completely set in. If you are going to include the paint maintenance into your usual house cleaning routine can save you some major hassle and money in the longer run.


  • Wipe and Dust

To make the walls look like new all the time, you need to keep them clean from dust and deposits. If you let the dust settle on the surface of the paint for a longer time, they end up developing patches which might be too hard to clean. Call up house painters Gold Coast professionals for cleaning of the walls once in 5-6 months. They help you remove the dust patches and fingerprints from the walls using a slightly damp rag. Bleach-free wipes are fine, but be sure to read your labels before using them on the wall.


  • Washing Painted Walls

If you have used good quality paint on the walls then they can be washed even with a mild cleaning agent. Make sure that you are using non-abrasive pad such as a microfiber rag or a gentle sponge to avoid putting up scratches or marks on the surface of the walls. Walls in the areas like bathroom and kitchen might require frequent cleaning than the rest of the areas and for outside walls, you could resort to cleaning them with plain water and rubbing them with a soft cloth. It is always a good idea to leave the maintenance part to Painters Gold Coast Professionals as they have all the idea on how to do the cleaning in the best of manner and they give you really good results.


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