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For many parents it is a challenging task to make their kids study. Besides, today a number of distractions are present like mobile phones and video games. But, instilling good study habits in your kids at a young age is essential. This might sound surprising or weird but with the right color scheme and decoration of kids’ room you can promote good study habits in your little ones. There are effective and versatile paint techniques that promote overall efficiency and mental clarity.


Generally, painters Gold Coast recommend that you avoid using dark shades in your kid’s study room; these colors are ungrounded and make it complicated to keep the mind focused. Below we are listing a few more decorating ideas for study space of your child.


Bold, active and bright colors are stimulating and thought provoking. They can be any bold or bright shade of your kid’s favorite color, but the lighter shades elicit stability, allowing kids and adults in maintaining focus. White and cream colors are also great choices for kid’s study room as they support mental clarity.


Chalkboard paint is another popular choice. Painting a wall with chalkboard means your kids can write and draw on the walls with chalk and wipe them effortlessly with a paper towel or a damp cloth. For artistic look you can try creating a decorative border around the painted area. This is again an effective way to teach your kids the importance of staying organized and they can also freely enjoy playing spelling games or creative sketches.


Magnetic paint is the latest favorite of parents as well as professionals. Magnetic paint is no different than regular paint, with only exception that it has small particles of iron dust mixed in. The iron dust allows any surface you paint on to hold a magnet, just like your refrigerator. You can also try adding a layer of regular paint over the magnetic paint to match the surrounding colors in your house. Kids enjoy playing with magnets, so you can teach them the importance of organization with the help of magnetic paint on a wall in your study room.


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