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While a professionally installed and maintained roof should provide services for years, there are a few issues that if not properly looked out for, can seriously damage a roof and create requirement for repair long before it is due.


In this blog post we will discuss a few common types of roof damage and how you can avoid them to make sure your roof remains structurally and functionally sound for as long as possible.


  • Wind

Especially strong wind can wreak havoc on shingles of your roof. While a professionally installed and maintained roof will be able to sustain a nice wind force, singles of an older roof may lift up or even get completely blown off.


Periodically, perform visual checks on your roof to make sure that shingles are not lifting or peeling. Don’t forget to check your roof after a notable windy day. You can also hire professionals to do the same for you.


  • Gutters

A correctly installed gutter will channel water away from your roof. If the gutter is poorly installed or improperly maintained, it will probably cause water to build up and leak onto the edges of the roof. This, over time will cause problems like rotting. This will work as a home for wet spot-seeking insects, attract birds and cause a lot more problems.


Hire a reputed roofing company like Repaint Pro to take care of your gutters during regular roofing maintenance to make sure that it is in nice condition.


  • Trees

This is a serious problem. Tress usually causes roof damage of billions of dollars each year. The clearest case where this might happen is during a storm when improperly trimmed and maintained branches fall or bash against the roof, causing problems like leaks, sagging and breakage.


One more type of damage that trees cause is when leaves fall into the gutter, resulting in clogging. In order to prevent roofing damage caused by trees, we suggest that you should keep branches of all the trees especially ones nearby your roof trimmed. Take help of roof restoration Gold Coast company like Repaint Pro, to find out trees that could create an issue.


  • Birds

Birds making nests on your roof or using your roof as a picnic spot can also create a significant amount of damage over time. Birds may peck under your shingles in order to find insects and raccoons may tear apart vents in order to find an entrance.


To prevent animals from damaging your roof, you must monitor any possible avenue through which they may reach your roof. As mentioned in our last point, make sure that tree branches are trimmed and have a nice distance from the roof to prevent animals to use branches to reach the roof top. For birds, you can try scaring them to prevent them from landing on your roof.


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