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So, are you planning renovating your home? Well, without a doubt, home renovations are important to keep your home looking fresh and increase its life. If you are doing a home improvement or a home makeover that includes a lot more than just painting, then you might be full of questions about if to paint the walls first or last during your home renovation project.


Many people believe a painting project should be the first on the to-do-list. And often you will want to apply your paint before you get started with other projects, especially if you are getting new carpeting. Professional painters Gold Coast can take preventive steps to protect your carpet, but if you have plans of replacing your carpet, then you can do the painting with the carpet you are going to replace anyway.


However, the “paint-first” rule is not always the case. Professional painters have techniques to keep your belongings and other stuff protect when painting, so you are not forced to do the painting before making any other significant changes. In fact, there are a few cases when painting should be the last home renovation project.


If you are still wondering when paint should be applied during your home renovating project, below are some tips by expert painters in Gold Coast. These are cases where you will probably want to paint after doing your project.

  • After Redecorating a Room
    You don’t want to get your room painted and then find out your plans for the room doesn’t go with the new paint color. First decide how you want the room to look like, then find colors or tints to create a perfect look. Again, the painters Gold Coast won’t have any problem covering or moving and replacing decorative items and furniture during the paint job.
  • After Remodeling
    A kitchen or bathroom remodel if includes ripping out or installing new furnishings or appliances, then there is always risk of these processes damaging your paint job. Do the installing or ripping projects first, so any paint damage or chipping can be painted over with the new paint work.
  • After Refinishing or Installing new Floors
    Refinishing floors is a complex project and can cause dust, which may stick to freshly applied paint. Additionally, baseboards and wall paint can get damaged during the refinishing process. As a result, it is advised to paint after installing a new tile floor.

Want more tips on applying new paint to your home or office? Or want a free estimated on your painting job in the Gold Coast area? Contact Repaint Pro today. We are team of skilled Painters in Gold Coast.


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Stephen Lockyer
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