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Scammers are nothing new and painting is just one of the home improvements services where scams keep happening all the time. It is good to get reminded every now and then of what to look for. While the senior citizens are usually the victims, anybody who doesn’t pay close attention could fall prey to their tricks. Usually when an offer sounds too good to reject, it should be seen as a warning sign to look closer at what the facts are and research the painter Gold Coast further. Below are a few tips on what to know to assist avoid the scamming painter.


  • Full Payment in Advance
    Never pay for a project in full before the job is completed and don’t trust a painter that asks you to. In Gold Coast, a painter won’t ask for more than 10% or 20% of the full project price. In case of larger, commercial projects the project fee may be paid in “progress payments” according to milestones. The final payment should not be done until the job is complete.
  • Just any Painter
    If someone claiming to be a painter visits you in an unmarked truck and wants to talk to you, be careful. Stay outdoors in public view and ask as many questions as you want. Anyone that enters your abode can be a potential burglar or worse. Verify their name, company name, credentials and office location. If you are considering hiring their services, remember to check their insurance information, reputation and reviews. You need to avoid fly-by-night painter that will be nowhere to be found if something goes wrong only after a few months.
  • The Bottom Line
    Common sense and good judgment provides the best protection from painter scams. It is looks too good to be true, it probably is. Take benefit of online review sites to check the painter’s reputation and credentials. If you find negative reviews or complaints, you probably should avoid contacting that painter. Do your research to find reputed and reliable painters Gold Coast. Avoid signing any contracts that you don’t understand. A good painter will take the time to answer your questions clearly and without building any sales pressure.

In Gold Coast, Repaint Pro is a reliable and reputed name, when it comes to residential and commercial painters. We have been providing interior and exterior painting services from past over 2 decades. For details, feel free to call us.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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