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When you plan to give you house a new coat of paint, then you must start with the basics. The first thing you have to assure that you must use high quality of paint. Many people tend to save a lot in this area and they think that if they are getting the house painted from inside, then they can use a low quality of paint as the walls will not be exposed to the direct sunlight and rays. But no matter how well shaded the inside walls are, you must choose the good quality of paint as it gives you the right coverage, is washable and also comes with warranty. Paints come in several sheen choices and you can choose them in oil base or latex option. Latex paints are the best choice to go for as they give you very nice finish and they are also resistant to fading and can be cleaning on regular basis. If you are planning to get the paint for the exterior as well as interior walls, then it is highly recommended that you should go for the latex paints.


Before you go ahead with the painting, always call the Commercial Painters Gold Coast to take the right guidance and estimate for the entire painting job of the house. They will also guide you in the selection of the paint and will tell you that which paint option will be the best for interior and exterior walls of the house. If you are planning to paint the room for the children, then it is best to go for a glossy paint. Semi gloss paints are best for the use in the kitchen and the master bedroom. They are not as glossy as the full sheen paint, but they give you all the advantages of a washable paint. Satin finish paints are the best ones to use in the drawing room and living room as they have smooth velvet finish that makes the walls look really pretty.


After selecting the right type of paint, it is highly recommended that you must select the colour that is perfect for the rooms. If you are unable to find the colour of your choice, then a good Gold Coast painter will be able to develop one for you. Selecting an off white paint for the walls will make your home look roomier and will also help in reflecting the light. A lighter shade of paint makes the house looks airy and they also give a lot more positive feeling. If you are going to select too dark shades for the walls, then they might make the house look gloomy. If you want to change the colour of the room, then you should always try with the same tone but in a different shade. The best way to get the idea on the shades of paint, go through the brochures that are available at the local hardware shop.


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