Roof Restoration Services

When You Should Consider Roof Painting

Roof tiles are very strong. Long before roof replacement becomes essential; it will show signs of aging. But, minor issues like small leaks are common and they don’t mean you must replace your roof.


Roof Painting and Restorations Services in Gold Coast & Brisbane

Roof is one of the most important areas of the house that needs to be maintained on regular basis. Roof keeps your house safe and takes all the beating from weather, dirt, and debris.

Painter for a day assistance

Over the last 4 days we have been helping a lovely lady that had started a painting project at home.painter for a day

After doing one toilet and half a bedroom she decided she needed some professional painting help.

Roof Painting

Here are a couple of short videos of us spraying dulux roofing membrane onto cement tile roof.  This is the second coat of three we applied.  

Commercial make good painting

We are experts in make good properties at the end of you lease. We have worked with all site access issues and are happy to have flexible timelines.

External Repaint


Roof Restorations

Have a look at our cool new video with Dulux Acratex roofing membrane.

Roof Restorations, how much does it cost?

Secret price break down of roof restorations contained within……

Roof restorations

We have all seen the signs on the front lawns of people saying “Roofs Painted From $1200” Almost without fail I see home owners every week with quotes to “paint” their roofs from $1200 to $1700.