Secret price break down of roof restorations contained within……

Roof restorations

We have all seen the signs on the front lawns of people saying “Roofs Painted From $1200” Almost without fail I see home owners every week with quotes to “paint” their roofs from $1200 to $1700. I continually ask myself how they manage to restore your roof for these prices.

Some of our typical roofing prices can break down this way………

High pressure clean of your typical roof.

We use pressures in excess of 3500psi to clean properly. This can cost around $500-$800 depending on the size of your single story roof.

Pointing and beading ridge cap tiles and replacing old ones. This cost as a whole can range from just a few hundred dollars up to $1000 depending on the condition of your roof. This process needs to be done by professional roofing contractors, no some guy with a trowel.

So now your roof is pointed and cleaned and you have already seen the best part of $1000-$1700 already gone……do you see why I wonder about others pricing!

So to paint a roof you are looking at a three coat system, minimum!

Sealer…your roof must be sealed prior to a roofing membrane going on. This process can take 6-9 drums on a typical single story toof. That’s around $1000

Your roofing membrane……

Typically Dulux or Global Coat are the most commonly known brands. For most painting companies this costs around $170 per drum and we would use around 10 drums or more to put two coats onto your typical roof. So there is $1700 just in top coat paint!

These costs listed above don’t include labor to paint your roof. So next time you receive a roof restoration cost of $1700 and one for $5500, don’t ask the company with the higher price what he is going to do for that money…… ask the guy who’s price is $1700 how much of the process he is leaving out!

Top tips……

Always ask painter to quote for quality materials and ask to see the drums that they come from! Plenty of painters will substitute cheap brands.

After the roof is washed down, try and see if mould has been removed from the front edge of your tiles. Also if you can see cleaning lines in your roof after its painted, it is still dirty!

Painters that say they will clean and point your roof need to be asked……is the cleaning equipment strong enough to clean at the paint manufactures requirements. Most state around 3000psi to 4000psi. 90% of cleaners can only run at 2500psi.

Your painter should use the paint that they quoted on. Some top brands are, Dulux, Resene, Shield Coat and Global Coat.

If you have questions about your roof restoration quote, just ask your contractor!


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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