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One of the easiest ways to modify your home, room, or office look is to update the paint color. A room’s or office’s wall color is the foundation for the entire interior design. Expert painter Gold Coast has expertise in picking up the understanding to choose the right color according to your taste.

Here are a few tips from professional painter Gold Coast about how to choose the right paint color for your home. 

1- Get inspired

Imaginating the perfect decor for your room can be difficult, so there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from already existing designs. You can refer to some good catalogs or you can remember the hotel room you stayed in from your last trip. If that’s not convenient, you can always seek the internet. If you decide to go online you will have a database that will never run out. It can strike you with some new better ideas and may entirely change the way you look at decoration.

2- Stick with neutrals

If you don’t have much experience with colors you may not realize it but the colors you choose regulate the attention of people. A boldly painted wall can steal attention from your stylish furniture or antique showpieces. Dark blue may be your favorite color but your guests may fail to notice the beautiful painting on your wall if your wall has a dark shade, your guests are not to be blamed for that, that is just how the human mind works. So, if you want your guests to appreciate your artwork more, going with the lighter shade is probably what’s better for you. 


3- Sync your paint color with your furniture.

While selecting the color for your paint it is wise to keep in mind the furniture you have, it makes more sense to choose the color that goes with the furniture you have unless you have plans to buy new furniture.


4- Have a color theme.

You want to avoid making your home a library of colors, selecting a set of colors and sticking to them is what a theme is about. It doesn’t mean that you have to paint all your walls the same color, but there must be some limitations on the set of colors you are choosing. You can even select different themes for the different sections of your home if your house is big enough or can avoid this theme for some rooms like the storeroom or kid’s bedroom.


Proficient painter Gold Coast also suggests that picking up the perfect paint color is not enough until it is not painted by an efficient painter Gold Coast. To make your home or office space amazing and engaging, hiring professionals will be beneficial. Appoint a certified painter Gold Coast and be rest assured about the ultimate quality result.

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