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Painting the walls of your home is more of an investment more than anything else, you should work to protect by keeping the painted walls fresh and looking perfectly clean for as long as possible. However, not many people know how to keep their painted walls clean and looking fresh.


Preventing damages is most important. Install chair rails and put on soft, buffer pads to furniture bottoms and backs in order to prevent scratches. Make it a point that you allow fresh coats of paint enough time to dry and settle, and remember, a flat, matte paints are always more difficult to clean than a glossy paint.


Another effective way to maintain walls is to ensure great preparation before painting. Make sure your walls are correctly cleaned, sanded if required and carefully prepared to be painted. Rushing into a paintwork will have negative effects on the results. Painting without surface preparation means less than desirable results and difficult to maintain walls. When you are hiring a professional Gold Coast painter, ask what steps they will take to prepare the surface before painting.


Knowing how to correctly clean your painted walls is important in order to maintain their look. One common difficulty people experience is peeling- if you attack a stain or mark too harshly, you will end up removing the top coat of paint and this will create a shiny patch in its place. Take your time.


Always begin with clear water and a clean rag; rub the stain softly. If this doesn’t help in removing it, mix a small amount of mild dishwasher in the water and repeat. Make sure you don’t use any highly abrasive chemical. Also, avoid leaving it on too long or applying in high amount-it can quickly damage the coat of paint.


If you have issues like dirt, dust or cobwebs, then use the vacuum. Make sure, you use the softly bristled attachment to prevent scarring and scratching. You can also ask your Commercial Painter Gold Coast about the suggestions and tips for maintaining painted walls, so before or after the painting project gets completed, ask them for their opinions.


How frequently should you wash trim and baseboards? What is the best approach for touch ups? For how many hours or days should I allow the paint to dry and settle? All of these things will help you in keeping your painted walls looking perfect for the longest time possible.


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