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Use These Tips To Increase The Durability Of An Interior Painting Job

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Use These Tips To Increase The Durability Of An Interior Painting Job

When the time comes to get the house painted, the first question that hits the minds of the homeowners is- ‘for how long the new paint will stick’?’ Certainly, getting your house painted by a pro is something you can’t afford to get done every year or every second year. As a result, it becomes important that you know the tips that increase the durability of an interior painting job.

Normally, paint applied on an interior surface of a building or home lasts at least 5 years. When given the best conditions, it can even last a decade.

Here are some tips that will assist you make your interior paint last longer.

It is important to repair the cracks and holes

If the walls or ceilings have large fissures, small cracks or holes, take time to repair them well so that you have a smooth and nice surface to paint on. For instance, if there is a hole on the surface to be painted, fill it with plaster. Also, sand the surface after the hole has been fixed. However, when hiring leading painting services in Gold Coast you can rest assured about all this. As they give proper time to wall surface preparation and smooth out the surface well before applying the paint.

Apply sealant on the plaster

Sealant is important to ensure that the plaster won’t absorb the paint. Sealant helps plaster to remain in its place and the paint will stick better. Moreover, the sealant makes the surface waterproof, which will assist in avoiding some unfortunate conditions.

Sand the wall before applying the paint

Proper sanding gives a smooth finish to the surface.

Choose a durable and washable paint

Keep two important things in mind when choosing paint: washability and durability. Highly durable and washable paints have a higher adherence (given, you don’t apply it on a surface that is not appropriate for that type of paint). You can also scrub it without worrying about losing the color or peeling.

Sand the surface between each coat

It is essential to sand the paint between each coat. By sanding the surface, you will make it smoother, therefore decreasing the risk for dirt and mold to stick to it. In addition, the appearance of the wall will be a lot nicer after it has been sanded.

Apply two coats of paint

It is not really essential to apply two coats of paint, especially if a primer was applied previously. However, a second coat is important to protect a porous surface properly or to cover a dark color. For example, painting a light color over a dark color will in general take 3 coats, and often even four. In addition, applying an extra coat will give it a longer life.

When hiring professional painting services in Gold Coast, you don’t have to worry about any of these, as they follow these tips to ensure enduring services. However, when you know the tips to increase durability of interior paint, you can ask your painter to follow the same, if at all he tries to skip a step or start painting without preparing the wall surface.

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