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With the introduction of tiny house movement and apartment living, there is no better time than now to live small as far as your Gold Coast home is concerned. The World Wide Web is flooded with effective ideas on how to style to your home, the ideas are not just functional but amazing too. When designing and decorating a small area, the best interior design ideas will make your home look spacious. Yes, this might sound surprising but there are ways to increase size through perception rather than actual square footage area.

One of the most basic impacts you can make in your small home is through properly chosen paint colors and techniques. The paint colors on your walls are the background for your room and do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to making your room look bigger and more spacious.

To increase the size of your amazing, but probably small rooms, try these simple small-space painting ideas.

Go for neutral colors: When painting a smaller space, it is recommended to go for neutral paint colors. When we say neutral, we are not referring to white, there are many more options available. Today, a huge variety is available which ranges from cream, gray, beige and blue shades. Your house painter in Gold Coast can help you choose the best option.

Same color, different shades: To assist your small room look bigger, you can try using different shades of the same color family in your wall paint color, ceiling and trim. This will differentiate the various elements of your room without breaking it up. When your brain perceives less color break, you feel more spaciousness.

Ceiling surprise: If you want to make your paint colors more interesting, try painting your ceiling with a catchy color like jewel tone or navy blue. This will be a center of attraction and constantly give your room a taller, more spacious feel.

Natural light: We know this has nothing home painting ideas, but it has a significant effect on the look and feel of your wall colors as well as your complete room. But in a small room, working on natural light can be complicated. If room darkening and privacy are not a problem, you can keep your windows naked or use very minimal dressing.

You don’t need to have a villa to have a great space with professionally painted services. If you need are looking for reputed house painters in Gold Coast, feel free to contact us.

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