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No one can deny the fact that a house requires a lot of maintenance and hard work in order to keep it in tip top shape. As a result, every few months you must get your tool box and be prepared to get your hands dirty. This can mean everything from repainting the deck, working on the garden and applying a fresh coat of paints in some of the rooms in your home.


If you are planning to get busy residential painting Gold Coast, there are a set of tools and instruments you must keep handy. A professional is sure to get the work done well, but by taking the work into your own hands you almost owe it to yourself to not take any shortcuts and have all the supplies ready that you will need for painting. Here are some of the less popular supplies you will want by your side when you decide to get to work with your paint brush.


Tape Measure

You are painting the home yourself, instead of hiring residential painting Gold Coast services- so definitely you want to get it done as reasonably as possible. It is essential to ensure how much paint you will need for this work and your tape measure will prove helpful in finding it out. After all, you don’t want to buy paint you won’t need. Measure the length, width and height of the room and remember that a liter of paint covers almost 15 square meters, and you will be able to judge how much paint to buy. You can also find online paint calculator to measure how much paint you will need.


Hole Filler

In order to get a smooth, clean finish, keep a hole filler handy. As the name suggests, this supply allows you to scrape away loose paint and fill any holes, gaps or cracks that inevitable appear.


Painter’s Tape

Having tape of some type is essential for any interior job; it proves helpful in protecting trim and walls that you don’t want to paint just yet. You can also use masking tape, though it has very strong adhesion properties, which can make it not a great choice when you want it to come off easily. Remove the tape before the paint dries.


Big Bucket

For a particular large room where any liters of paint are required, it can be tedious to have to keep mixing cans. Having one huge bucket can be perfect to ensure consistent color all over the room as you will be using one mix.


Drop Cloths

This is really important, just like putting out sheets on the floors; you should strongly consider a plastic drop cloth for furniture. This gives them great protection and ensures your DIY residential painting experience doesn’t end in disaster.


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