When considering repainting your home, there are numerous things you have to determine first before the painting work starts. Once you have chosen the perfect color for your bedroom, the next step in the process is to choose the best paint to use and how much paint you will need. People find it really difficult to calculate the amount of paint, but it is not that complicated. Here is an easy guide that will help you determine how much paint you will need.

  • Measure up the space that needs to be painted

The primary thing to do to find out how much paint you will need for your home painting project is to take the measurement of the walls you want to paint. You will have to measure the surface area of your room, excluding the floor and ceiling. To do this you should measure all of the walls from floor to ceiling and wall to walls. Calculate the square meter size of your room by adding the measurements of the width of your walls and multiply them by the height of the room.

  • Don’t forget to consider doors and windows

When calculating the surface area of your room, don’t forget that the ceiling, doors and windows won’t be painted, so calculate the size of these surface areas and exclude them from your calculation. With your square meter number, just subtract almost 1.85 square meters from your calculations for your doors and perform the square meter measurement for your windows to calculate their size. Just subtract this number from your initial calculation to find out the surface area of your room.

  • Buying the right amount of paint

With the calculated surface area of your room, you are now ready to buy the right amount of paint, but wait the amount of paint also depends on the number of coats you want to give the walls, as well as the viscosity and type of paint you are considering buying. On average, a 4 liter bucket of paint will allow you to paint almost 32 square meters of wall with single coat.

  • Number of coats

While a number of people just want to apply the fresh coat of paint on the previous color, the best house painters in Gold Coast emphasize on using primer coat in order to hide the previous paint as well as paint a tint layer to give vibrant colors a more professional look and feel. So, you must calculate how many coats you will need for each room. For this you can try using tester pot of the paint.

  • Ask experienced house painters Gold Coast

The simplest way to find the exact amount of paint is by asking an experience house painter. Experience painters as name suggests have experience and merely by looking at your home they can tell you the exact amount of paint you will need to paint your home or a particular room.

So, don’t worry and give Repaint Pro a call now.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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