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An individual or a family spends a nice amount of time in his home. As a result, people always look for tips and ideas to keep the interior of their house looking fresh and appealing always. People keep thinking about ways to improve the aesthetics of their hallways, bedrooms and living rooms. Even simple remodeling projects can bring catchy decorative benefits to your home. If you are happy with the present décor and feel of your home, but still want something new and catchy then accent walls can be a choice.

Accent walls 101

If you want to have that enticing focal point in your home, then accent wall can be a nice choice. Accent wall as name suggests adds additional color and often texture to a room in general, something different from the other walls. If the majority of a room is a soothing blue color, the accent wall can be a cool green or warm red. It catches the attention as well as makes the rest of the colors stand out too. You might not notice the shade a room is painted until an accent wall projects it.

An accent wall is generally created with paint. Texturing techniques and wallpaper can give a same type of effect, but paint has the advantage of being pocket friendly and easy to apply. Unlike textures, paint can be easily visible even from the distance, allowing everyone to notice that wow factor of your home.

Which wall to choose?

This is an important question that needs to be answered. A number of people with old constructions wonder if accent walls can work in their homes too. Accent walls look like a modern decorating technique so people feel that they could be conflicting with older décor and furniture. This is one of the most common concerns people have whenever they have to paint interior. The fact is, accent walls can work on almost any type of interior if done in a professional manner.

You must start by choosing a room and then a wall to work on. Not every room needs to have an accent wall. Living room, kitchen and bedrooms are a nice place to create accent walls. These rooms generally have either decorative or structural features that can be highlighted with the right color accent wall.

Walls with features like cabinets have depth and are good walls to accent. The same is also right in case of walls with doors and windows.

Colors and colors

Choosing the right color for your accent wall can be challenging but it is fun too. Like discussed above soothing blue room could be accented with shades of red or green. Usually, accent walls are bolder in texture or color as compared to the rest of room, but not always, they can be subtle too.

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