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In Gold Coast, people are fortunate to experience seasonal changes; we get to see the winter snows, spring showers, golden leaves in the autumn and summer sunshine. Sadly, that can also create your drywall and plaster to increase and contract as the temperature changes, and at some point you can actually see the surface of the wall crack due to the same. Whenever, you are faced with an issue like drywall or plaster cracks, there are two techniques to fix it. First is by patching the issue and second by putting some extra efforts to solve the issue for better.


A number of home owners and even painting companies are fine with a paint job that just covers the wall. But, here at Repaint Pro, if we will painting your home, we are not just going to cover the walls. We will do whatever it takes to make the walls of your home look seamless, smooth and professional. Before you can see such results, you are required to prepare the walls. If you see nail pops or cracks in your drywall and plaster, giving proper time to repair the surface before you start to paint will present you with a highly superior final finish.


Drywall issues: nail pops and seam failures

In your wall if you see snail pops then it is exactly the drywall issue. In order to fix a nail pop, we ensure that the drywall is fixed firmly, then patch over the area to ensure smooth surface. With drywall you can also start to see the seams start to fail over time. We re-seam the failing seam with new tape and spackle it for smoothness. It is a lot more effective to only create a completely new seam than to patching over the splitting tape.

Plaster cracks

In plaster walls two types of cracks can be seen, hairline cracks (spidery, thin cracks), and structural cracks (wider rifts that are usually seen near door frames and window sills). Hairline cracks can be easily fixed. Repaint Pro’s team will use spackle to cover the crack. On the other hand, if we talk about structural cracks, then they reappear really fast with a spackle repair. As a result, in case of structural cracks, our team of experts cut opens the rift and clean it and then patch and fill it.

Smooth wall surface means quality paint job

Wall surface preparation is an important part of home painting job. So, if you are planning a remodeling in your Gold Coast home, ensure that your walls get the right treatment and you get the best results. Almost every wall requires some amount of repair work even if it involves repairing a crack or a few nail pops. It makes no sense to apply a coat of paint on a problematic wall and ceiling.

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