No one can ever forget his very first job, no matter big or small the office was. You sat in an office with a white cube every day, often staring at the wall as you slowly progressed in your career. Commercial painting was probably one of the reasons for how you felt about your first office. Let us take a moment to assess what commercial painting schemes you should avoid.


  • Dull or Uninteresting Colors

Yes, this means gray is never a great choice. Think about it for a minute. You don’t want to evoke gray, cloudy depressing feeling in your workers with your commercial paint scheme. Don’t choose very dull or uninteresting color schemes for your commercial facility. Gray blue should also not be part of your color scheme.


  • Army Anything

The concept of many military and army uniforms is to blend with their surroundings. Do you want your commercial paint to be suggestive of desert storm? Obviously, you don’t. So, don’t go for military colors. It even includes army green. There is nothing motivating about paint colors, unless you are detective agency or something.


  • Anything Too Bright

Don’t go for anything too bright. According to color theory it has a hyper effect. If you decide to paint with a color from your logo, like orange, go for a mild tone, orange that is too bright is not the right choice. If you actually want to go for a bright color, opt for one accent wall in the lobby area.


  • Darkness is not Inspiring

An office is a place where an employee has to feel productive, instead of feeling like he is trapped in a cave. Remember that before you opt for a very dark color scheme. Your workers are required to feel light and comfortable. Again, if actually want to go for a dark color, go ahead and choose one accent wall for a very dark color.


Finally, custom painting means choosing colors you want to work with each day. Always remember, the consequences of dull and drab setting. Those colors can be depressing. Choose mid shades in anything dark or bright. When choosing colors carefully, you can rest assured about the best results.


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Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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