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When it comes to renovating a room and making it more appealing, instead of buying new furniture, consider painting the interior of the home in a new color. While painting a room inside the home can be challenging, learning how to do it the correct way will save you lot of time and efforts. Below are some interior house painting tips that will make the painting process pleasurable and smooth.


The primary tip is to paint the walls from top to bottom and keep wet edges in order to avoid unsightly lap marks. If you don’t know what lap marks are, they are the unsightly stripes along the wall caused due to the uneven buildup of coats of paint. They take place when people roll over half dried paint. To avoid these, make sure there is always a wet edge.


Everybody knows that blue tape is used to mark off where we don’t want the paint to go. Most of the people make a common mistake of pulling the tape off while the wall paint is dry. This seems the obvious thing to do, but actually, it is not. The paint gets on the tape and creates a very thin layer, so when people pull the tape off it can scrape away the pieces of the dried paint, causing cracks on the paint. Always wait at least 24 hours before taking off the tape. To take off the tape correctly, take a pointed box cutter or utility knife and cut through the thin layer to make sure a clean removal of tape.


Below are a few helpful tips that you should be aware of:

  • Start by painting the trim first, then paint the wall or the ceiling. The paint from the trim will get on the walls, but that can easily be covered when painting the walls. There is no need to use tape or keep it clean, just focus on smooth brush strokes.
  • Prime and texture all wall parches in order to avoid a spotty finish with the paint.
  • Use plastic drop cloths to protect the floor and other fixtures and furnishing.
  • Mix paint cans together in order to guarantee the same hue all over.


These Gold Coast painting tips will assist you in ensuring that your painting project is easier and less time taking. For House Painters in Gold Coast, feel free to contact us.


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