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If you are looking to get a commercial painting done, then you must look at these points before getting a painter finalized for the job.

  1. Insurance

You must ask the contractor about the worker compensation and insurance policies. Looking at the certificate is not enough and you must have a check on what is he actually going to provide for what you are paying for. Ask for the address and the phone number of the contractor’s insurance company and call them to verify the status. Make sure that the policy must include the compensation for the workers, as if the painter injures himself during the painting, then you will be liable for the expenses if the contractor is not having any insurance. If any contractor is offering you a lower price, and take a detailed look at the insurance because he might not be having it and therefore offering the lower bid.

  1. Experience

The contractor must have years of experience in the commercial painting. Make sure that you are having a look at the past painting record. Many painters offer you a lower bid as they might be part time painters. If you are going to appoint any such painter then you won’t be having the quality and the finish you have expected and this might also ruin the expensive paints and the equipments.

  1. On site supervision

Don’t just hand over everything on the painter and make sure you are supervising all the work; this ensures that the painters are managed all the time and you can communicate with them and ask for the changes if you like in the painting process. Most of the time, a three member team is sufficient of the job and avoid getting too many painters to paint.

   4. Past works

Before you finalize the painter, don’t forget to take a look at the past works he has done. It is always best to get a painter that has done the work for your friend or close associate as you can have detailed look at the painting they have done. This way, you will have a clear idea on the finish they have given on the walls. You could also get the recommendation from the professional affiliations where they have a team of painters registered under organization. If the painter is a member of a good standing organization, then you can be sure of having good standards in painting as well as quality control.

  1. Warranty  

Take a look at the warranty that is being given by the contractor for the work. The warranty must be clearly mentioned on the bid that the painter has offered to you. Make sure that you are taking bids from more than two painters. Always remember that the warranty is as good as the quality of the painting the painter is going to provide and it is better to have the recommendation from a person who has taken the service from the painter in the past.

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