paint over wallpaper

Whether Or Not To Apply The Paint Over Wallpaper?

Wallpapers work effectively in bringing unique patterns and textures to your home. They create a perfect wall surface and can last almost 15 years.

Painting Contractors

How Important It Is For Painting Contractors To Be Insured?

When homeowners look for a commercial painting contractor in the Gold Coast area, there are several things they are looking for: supreme quality services, a good reputation, positive testimonials and definitely a competitive pricing.

Modern house exterior front designs ideas.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Using Colors in Your Commercial Space

There are numerous important points that you must take note of when finding right color scheme for your commercial space. Here we are listing a few of them.

Commercial Painting Gold Coast

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Selecting Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors for your Gold Coast home may be more complicated than you think. There are a number of choices today.

Commercial Wall Paint

Your Guide To The Perfect Commercial Wall Paint Finish

Your Gold Coast, commercial property is an important investment that you aim to protect and maintain. Possibly you own a small office or a building that you use for your business.

Commercial Painting Services

Commercial Painting Gold Coast: Top Reasons Why We Are The Best

When considering a new look or renovation for your office space or commercial property, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

Removing Wallpaper the Right Way: Avoid DIY Downfalls


If you are amongst those people who love to do the entire painting job by themselves, then you need to sit and think about some of the issues that you might be facing in the same.

Commercial Painting: Choosing Your Painter

commercial painting

If you are looking to get a commercial painting done, then you must look at these points before getting a painter finalized for the job.

Interior Commercial Painting Gold Coast

Here are some images from our latest factory fit out or commercial painting project.

This commercial factory on the Gold Coast was painted inside using Resene paints.  

Factory Painting Exterior

Here is a really cool before and after image of a factory on the Gold Coast.  Before and after painting.  The results are amazing and give the businesses inside a real lift for potential customers arriving at the factories.