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When it comes to house painting, you have to be sure that you are using all the right equipments, so that you get the best finish of the paint. Although, a lot depends on the quality of the paint that you have selected for the job but if you haven’t chosen the right brush, then you will fail to get the right finish on the surface. Many people use different types of brushes for the house painting, depending on the need and the surface that needs to get painted. Here in this article, we are going to give you an insight on the type of brushes that you can use for the painting.

  • Natural bristle brushes

They are made from animal hair and are generally used to apply the coat of oil based paints. They give you a uniform application when you use them to apply the coat of the paint on flat surface and the corners. The splitting or the fuzzy tips of these brushes helps them to hold more paint and they apply a thick coat at every application. This way, you are able to get a smooth flow of paint at every stroke.

  • Nylon or polyester brushes

These brushes have bristles that are made of nylon or polyesters. They are far easier to clean as compared to the natural bristles and they are best suited to apply the coat of latex paints. As they are made of stronger material, they are very durable and they retain their shape after several application. This helps them to give a very good finish throughout the painting process.

  1. Size of The Brush

Brushes are available in different shapes and sizes that help you to apply the coat of paint in the areas accordingly.

  • 1 inch to 2 inch that is used for the application in small trims.
  • 3 inches are used for the doors and cabinets.
  • 4 inches are more are best suited for walls.

     2. Brush Types

  • Trim brush – These brushes are really good for the straight line application of paints and they can be used to paint the edges.
  • Square trim – The end of the bristles are cut in a shape that resembles a square and they are best suited for the application over flat areas.
  • Angled Trim – The bristles are cut in an angle to make them apply the coat in a very easy manner over window trims.
  1. Brush styles
  • Thin angle – These are slanted brushes that have a thin profile. They produce very good straight line coats at the corners and edges.
  • Angle slash – They have slanted bristles that allow them to hold more paint for each application. They are perfect for painting ceilings and trims.
  • Flat sash – The bristles are straight and they are best for the use on flat areas.
  • Wall – As the name suggests, they are thick and best suited to paint the walls.

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