Being a commercial property owner, you can find maintenance of your property as one of the most crucial tasks. Well, it’s necessary that your building must look at its best, but you can’t overlook the importance of its functionality. In fact, we at Painters Gold Coast thinks that functionality and productivity of your commercial property are equally important as the appearance.


Commercial painting is not just creating pretty walls, it creates an extended period impression that drags attention of visitors and welcomes them.


Being an experienced commercial painting contractor, we, at Painter Gold Coast, are sharing some key points that you must keep in your mind while painting your commercial building.


#1 It Boost Your Brand Image

Whether you’ve shopping malls, offices, entertainment complex or any other commercial building, it’s necessary that you establish your commercial property as a brand. The end goal remains same forever to welcome visitors and boost the appearance. We, at Commercial Painters Gold Coast, feels that paint plays an important role when its about establishing a brand image and promoting the overall appearance of your commercial building. Being an experienced commercial painting contractor, we prefer digital color imaging so that you can understand how respective color or the combination of different hues will look practically on your commercial building.


#2 The Quality Of Paint

We, at Painters Gold Coast, always recommend you use paint of high standards for your commercial building. Before you pick any color, don’t forget to check the patch first. Prime and paint a small invisible area to see if there is any compatibility problem. We, at Commercial Painters Gold Coast, feels that primer is necessary as it adheres the paint well and prevents it from peeling. Also, with primer, the color will get beautifully visible with just one coat.


#3 Prepare The Surface

Start with making the surface ready to get painted if you want to succeed with commercial painting goals. We, at Painter Gold Coast, suggests individuals fill the imperfect surface with putty and caulk to eliminate cracks and make the surface smoother. You will have to do the light sanding as well to dull glossy and shiny areas on the target surface. Also, use a power washer and paint scraper to deal with contamination like oil or mold.


#4 Don’t Forget To Check The Weather Forecast

It’s necessary that you keep an eye on the weather forecast as it’s something that will affect how effectively the paint will get adhered to the surface. We, at Commercial Painters Gold Coast, suggest individuals paint their commercial property, especially exterior if the temperature is below 59 degrees and also if it’s fog outside. Also, search and follow new channels to know whether it has just rained or it’s showering in the forest.


#5 Consider Materials On Your Commercial Building

Don’t forget to consider material on your commercial property, like bricks, roofing, stone, etc. We, at Painters Gold Coast, recommend earthy tones for stone-based materials and cool shades for wood-based materials. If your building feature both horizontal and vertical sliding, you are allowed to paint in two hues. However, if you have the neutral building, prefer bold colors to coat doors and window mullions. Also, don’t forget to look around and analyze what your competitor has done with their property and materials.


Always remember commercial painting is more than just pretty walls. So, the above are some must-know tips that we, at Commercial Painters Gold Coast, think everyone should know before painting their commercial property to establish the brand image and boost appearance.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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